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De la teatralidad y el rock sinfónico con Peter Gabriel hasta el pop rock de radiofórmula con Phil Collins. Y siempre Mike Rutherford y sobre todo Tony Banks.
Con ustedes GENESIS
Foxtrot (1972)
From Genesis to revelation (1969)
Trespass (1970)
Nursery crime (1971)
Selling England by the pound (1973)
The lamb lies down on Broadway (1974)
A trick of the tail (1976)
Wind & wuthering (1976)
Live (1973)
Seconds out (1977)
And then there were three (1978)
Duke (1980)
Abacab (1981)
Three sides live (1982)
Genesis (1983)
Invisible touch (1986)
We can't dance (1991)
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